Monday, September 5, 2011

You feel lost? Here are some information’s about CFL, LED and incandescent light!

First of all, we must keep in mind that incandescent technology is very ineffective. Among the electricity they use, 90% to 95% is dissipated as heat, causing burns when touched, and only a fraction of 5% to 10% is conveniently transformed into light. That is the reason why governments, companies, and people in general change their lighting system and opt to technologies that illuminate with a lower energy expenditures.

There are different technologies which permit energy savings; Light-emitting diodes (or LED-lamps) and compact fluorescent lamps (popularly known as low energy light bulbs or CFL International English), are among the most commonly used today. According to the manufacturers of LED lights and light-efficient they allow 90% savings compared to the previous technology. The difference between CFL and LED is:

• About their durability; LED bulbs have a lifespan of up to 25.000 hours, and CFL between 7.000 and 12.000 hours.

• Moreover, CFL have a default contrary to LED, because these bulbs take longer to achieve the correct brightness and hue of the light is not the same as the old bulbs.

• Also, we have to keep in mind that the energy-saving lamps have inside a mercury gas forcing discard as hazardous waste in special containers and take precautions to ventilate the house in case of accidental breakage.

Today, identified by many as "the lights of the future", the LED lamps continue to gain ground in our daily lives and have already begun to make their presence felt in the public lighting of the City.

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