Thursday, September 8, 2011

Which savings are possible with LED technology?

If you want to calculate your own economy saving, you can do the following operation to see how many costs your lighting consuming, and don’t forget that you can save up to 90%:

• ("Your bulb’s number of watt" x "number of hours that it stays on during one day" x 360 days/year) / 1000

You get a result in kWh, now you have to multiply it by 0.12€ (the average price per kWh for France in 2011).
For example, if we suppose that you have six 60W bulbs turn on during 4h/day. Let’s do the calculation:

• (360W x 4 hours/day x 360 days)/1000 * 0, 12 €/kWh = € 62.20 /year With LED technology: 10 times less: € 6.22 /year

Knowing that the average price of a LED bulb is between 15 and 18 € and that the lifespan is 50,000 hours compared to 8000 offered by the current light bulbs, we have now all the characteristics to find out how many can we saved with this lighting technology.

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