Thursday, September 1, 2011

Greening NYC: It’s as Easy as LED

More and more US cities are going green; the “Big Apple” seemed like a challenge. But nonetheless the city has begun cutting energy costs in office buildings which represent roughly 80% of the city’s electricity consumption.

At the energy efficiency summit of 2011, various seminars were organized for office building owners “in hopes of providing additional momentum to an energy-efficiency movement,” according to the New York Times. For this edition, over 2,000 curious business owners crowded into a standing-room-only space to learn the best ways to switch their buildings over to energy efficient LED lighting. “Building owners will also have to decide if they want to invest in new wireless controllers or whether to install motion sensors that shut off lights when the room is empty.”

It’ll might take some time for NYC to be fully energy efficient, but, it’s encouraging to know that the process has begun, and that LEDs will play a major role in creating a greener city.

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