Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LED lighting market previsions

Growth of the general lighting market is highly correlated with local construction investment, it is no surprise to see Asia, and China in particular will experience the most-rapid growth. Asia already accounts for around 35% of the general-lighting market, is set to rise to around 45% by 2020, followed by Europe and North America, with market shares of 25% and 20% respectively.

Reports describe the general-lighting market as fragmented, due to the fact that lighting is used in so many different applications, with many types of light sources and many different parties responsible for purchasing decisions. The local landscape of fixture manufacturers depends on the region.

The lighting-fixture market will remain fragmented because of the local buying power of governments, construction firms, architects and designers. This is in contrast with globally-consolidated electronics manufacturers.

In Asia, North America and Europe, the current LED share of the general-lighting market is similar, at around 7%, but in each case this is expected to grow to around 70% by 2020. LED penetration will be slightly higher in Europe and North America than in Asia.

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