Wednesday, September 28, 2011

LED Lighting for the amazing underground salt cathedral of Columbia

The Zipaquira Salt Cathedral, located in Cundinamarca, north of Bogota, Colombia, is subject to a remodeling process which involves the substitution of the lighting system with LED technology. The total investment cost is about 2 million $ and 100 000 LED lighting points have been installed; compared to conventional lighting systems these products will generate 70% of energy savings.

The Cathedral is situated 180 meters deep and thanks to the show originated by the RGB projectors, enter in the place becomes what seems to be a journey into the center of the Earth. Reddish tones bathe the walls of the tunnel that leads to the main vault; moreover religious images are illuminated with blue and white.

According to the statements of the mayor of Zipaquirá, the purpose of this investment was to make the Salt Cathedral becoming a memorial at the height of the different touristic destinations in the world, and at the same time reaffirms the appointment of wonder of Colombia.

Project is expected to be completed in December, when it will be installed a smart equipment as placed in the National Stadium of Peru, which will illuminate some areas of the Salt Cathedral as the applause and shouts into the light and sound camera.

The equipment installed has the ability to be programmed by a computer and generate up to one million colors. The renovation included a new sound system, the same as the lighting system use to be synchronized and produce shows like those seen in Las Vegas and around the world.

The project was conducted by a Chilean company using all LED technology. This new lighting transforms the Salt Cathedral into a Colombian worldwide icon, and in environmental terms, it reduces energy consumption and pollution.

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