Friday, March 30, 2012

LEDs for Sydney

Sydney streets will see light-emitting diode (LED) installed for street and park lights over a three year project.

Sydney will be the first city in Australia to install the new LED street and park lights across its entire city center, and joins other major cities such as Berlin, Barcelona, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

New energy-saving solutions for customers - LEDs

Since the EU forbids the classical bulbs, customers have to choose alternative lighting solutions.

In addition to conventional energy-saving lamps light - emitting diodes or LEDs are getting more and more popular and interesting for customers.

But customers are confronted with new shapes and technical figures, which can be confusing.

Great solutions are the retrofit LEDs, which exist in the most common versions. Therefore the manufacturers use the same names as for the traditional incandescent bulbs.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

LED lighting- makes your home brighter!

With the skyrocketing energy costs, people are constantly looking for ways to limit energy consumption. Today, one of the most intelligent and efficient forms of commercial and residential lighting available is LED lighting.

There are various advantages that come with such lighting, contributing to its increasing popularity. More to its durable bulbs that produce far brighter light, it is environment-friendly and efficient. These are among the reasons why it now illuminates many homes, and major streets, landmarks and buildings.

What is LED technology?

A relatively low-energy means of emitting light, light emitting diode (LED) technology is used in many electronic devices used frequently in the average home. LED is different from the standard light bulb seen in most homes because it uses an electrified semi conductive material to produce light instead of an electrified filament. A nearly omnipresent form of lighting, LED technology is used in computers, televisions, remote controls, and flashlights, as well as in signs, traffic lights, and architectural and stage lighting.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Municipal housing company in the city of Leverkusen is counting on LED bulbs

Since the European Union has adopted an EU-wide exit light bulb, the housing industry is in search of an adequate replacement for lighting their homes. Conventional energy-saving lamps had been no real alternative, because they meet the high switching intervals, eg are not grown in stairwells. The municipal housing companies in the city of Leverkusen (WGL GmbH) have now opted for the use of LED lamps.

Why do we call LEDs green lighting?

This means energy efficient lighting, long life, environmentally friendly and safer. LEDs have characters mentioned above, so we call LEDs as light green. This light is helping to protect the environment.