Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LED Lights at Burning Man: The Art

As we talked about previously, this year’s Burning Man festival gave place to outstanding art. Here are a few more stunning LED light-based art installations.

Wet Dream

This installation was set up by the English based group Warm Baby, to give the Nevada desert a bit of the damp, cool English climate. “We are using umbrellas, the sound of rain, falling LED strip lights and a lot of love to make this happen” as the artists defined their artwork. During nighttime, the raining effect was depicted by white LED rope lights, and an overhead LED panel that was programmed to depict flashes of lighting across the umbrellas.


The Flipside Core Project’s Ouroboros, representing the ancient symbol of a dragon eating its own tail (being self-reflection and the cyclical nature of life) featured eyes and fangs illuminated with RGB LED lights. This installation was one of 23 effigies making the “Circle of Regional Effigies” ringing the base of the Man. “These effigies are a celebration of the Burning Man Regionals and their efforts to support the Burning Man ethos as a global cultural movement,” according to the Burning Man website.


This weeping willow tree by Charlie Gadeken, of 35 feet, shimmered 5,000 copper leaves during the day, creating a dazzling effect, and was brightly shining with 30,000 color-changing LED lights at night.

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