Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nick Gelpi present a futuristic art LED Lighting in Seattle.

It’s in the north of Seattle that Nick Gelpi the designer of this art LED project has presented the futuristic feather-weight house, with an interior illuminated by LED lighting solutions. This house has been created by flexing two dimensions into three with the interior illuminated by flexible LED lighting strips.

The house is created by cutting patterns into flat sheets of plywood which when “pushed” into position similar to old fashion popup books, is transformed into a three dimensional house complete with skylights, columns, buttresses, windows and vents.
Once the house is raised the lightweight interior walls will be illuminated by attaching flexible LED Light Strips onto the interior of each sheet of plywood.

The final structure which reminds one of an open ended Quonset hut is neither bullet proof nor expensive to build, instead it is a demonstration of what can be done with a simple piece of plywood and well thought out planning. “We’re glad to have been chosen to play a minor role in this exciting project” states Barquin.

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