Thursday, September 22, 2011

Wind Bulb, the LED light bulb fitted with a mini wind-mill

Wind Bulb as the name says, is a LED light bulb which feeds in an environmentally friendly way using wind energy. From the top to the bottom, it consists of a support compatible with the current screw sockets, a vertical turbine, a wire and the lamp itself at the end. Under the action of wind, the turbine rotates and generates electricity which is then transmitted to the lamp via the wire.

Both designers Wen-Cheng Hsiao and Jin-Dian Cheng have chosen the technology of LED light because of the low power consumption. A rechargeable battery is located at the same level as the lamp to store the generated electricity when the device is not used. This concept has won a LiteOn Award.

Wind Bulb is suitable for lighting a patio or a ventilated place. However, the lamp can be removed and used as a flashlight.

Really practical, isn’t it?

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