Monday, September 5, 2011

LED Market Growing, Lighting Apps Increase LED Usage

It is expected that LEDs usage will increase 20% compared to 2010 figures. Even if we focus on the display-related industries, the total revenue for backlight and lighting applications was $7.2 billion in 2010 and is forecasted to reach $12.7 billion in 2014, the heighten demand for LED applications is the main driver of the increase. The global market capacity for LEDs could reach 227 billion units in 2013, compared to the180 billion units of 2011. From 2012, Taiwan could become the top LED supplying country, even though China would hold the largest market for LED street lights. Japan, on the other hand, is a top market, due to its high LED adoption rate in lighting due to electrical power limitations and energy-saving efforts.

The market and industry for LEDs will continue to expand, with a higher demand and use of LED fixtures.

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