Monday, September 19, 2011

LED packaging getting into its own

As the Led industry has gained enough momentum and reached a critical mass, it has enticed equipment and material providers into developing dedicated solutions for LED manufacturing.

The Yole Development report on LED Packaging, predicts more that $2 billion will be invested over the 2011-2016 period in new equipment for LED packaging.

Packaging normally accounts for 20% to 60% of a packaged LED total cost and represents the single largest opportunity for cost reduction.

Today LED packaging is still done using mostly retrofitted equipment and relies on existing technology solutions and materials to improve LED cost of ownership and performance.

While this allows LED manufacturers to benefit from decades of research and development and investments in the IC industry, but is not optimized for the specific needs of LEDs.

Dedicated solutions are emerging from existing and new players that will allow significant reduction in LED manufacturing cost with improved yields, throughputs and material efficiency.

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