Thursday, November 3, 2011

White and RGB LED light for Canada's largest theme park

The Royal Fountain at Canada’s Wonderland, Canada’s largest theme park has completed its first refurbishment.

To help celebrate the park’s 30th Anniversary, the water feature’s halogen lights have been replaced with LED Lights for multi-colored effects.
The LEDs allow intense White and RGB colored light to be created from the same modules. It was specially developed because the client required an LED Light that would allow dazzling effects and help to save on space as well as to reduce maintenance and power costs.

Previously, White Light was created by individual white LED modules, or by using an “approximation” of blended RGB, which didn’t allow for a pure white color.

Simon Gardiner commented: “The Combo Light was specially developed for this project. It has very sharp effects but immediately reduces costs on future maintenance and energy bills. Canada’s Wonderland estimates the conversion took them from 255,000 watts of power to 18,5000 watts of power and the reduction will allow them a payoff in six years or less. The product brings real benefits and is now part of our submersible LED Lighting product range.”

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