Sunday, November 27, 2011

New streetlights technology tested in Spain

Until recently, there were no lighting systems that surpass 30% energy savings. Today the economic and energy savings is a priority for municipalities, because the light represents about 55% of its energy cost.

Now, a company is selling an intelligent system for street lighting saving

s 70% or 80% of the energy previously consumed.

This system can regulate the illumination of the streetlights on function of people and vehicles present en

the street. It can turn on or off progressively the streetlights on the good sequence and direction, this thanks to the prediction of the movement and direction bring by the movement and presence captors integrated in the streetlights. Moreover, the system will regulate the lights intensity en function of the traffic.

The other important option is the capacity to remote control that allows the system. If a streetlight starts to lose power, the system will remote to the operator the information in order to reduce as much as possible the reparation time. This allows significant savings on the maintenance of the infrastructure as an immediate resolution of the problem.

After some pilot projects, the results obtained show that if this system is used at a state level in Spain, it will save more de 250 million of Euros per years.

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