Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Canadian towns are worried about the lighting carbon impact on the environment.

The NDP government introduced last spring legislation making LED lighting mandatory for roads and highways. All municipalities have five years to replace theirs street lighting systems.

A city in Pictou County, New Glasgow is ready to start the great project in the coming weeks. The politicians said when the city will have enough funds to manage the new street lighting project, they will start it. The project imagined by the government is defined by the replacement of the high pressure sodium (HPS) lights by the new technology in the lighting market: the LEDs.

Why the LED technology? Thanks to these new lighting sources, the municipalities are going to be able to save money, because those lights consume less energy than the HPS lights. Moreover, the maintenance costs will be decrease, because the LED offers great warranty, five years minimum. Last but not least, the LED technology is an excellent product to reduce the carbon impact on Earth.

Thus, New Glasgow has 1,200 street lights to convert. The budget is approximately $820,000, and the town received from Nova Scotia states $120,000. The town CAO has announced that the project will see a return on their investment (ROI) in 6 years.

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