Monday, November 7, 2011

Pop-up cafes lit-up by LEDs

Since 2010, you might have come along and/or experienced the pop up café-trend on some of the World’s sidewalks. As the New York Times puts it, “The concept is simple: street space is limited and valuable. To that end, New York has been evaluating whether the highest and best use for street space along narrow sidewalks is storing cars. Like a glorified Park(ing) Day spot made (semi) permanent and held on high, these pop-up cafés invite pedestrians to imagine their city in new ways.”, and for those modular establishments, LED strip lights are the perfect lighting solution, as they are flexible, efficient, easy to install and provide directional lighting right where it’s needed.

As an example, the ING Express mobile coffee bar, located primarily in Amsterdam, works as a cafe and office, and is also used at festivals, concerts and other events across the Netherlands. Besides bright orange walls and an easily deconstructed structure, this café features LED lights, a rotating bar and stackable wooden stools.

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