Monday, November 28, 2011

Partnership between LED manufacturer and University in USA.

The LED technology is in constant change. Indeed, this new technology has to be very adaptable to the market changes. To reach this, LED manufacturers imagine many ways to develop their technology.

Thus, an American LED display manufacturer created a partnership with University of Rochester to develop his product and increase his market shares.

The goal of this union is : to use to «fresh» brain of the young student of the college, and their new ideas of lighting products. For those services, the manufacturer will provide to the University, the lighting bulb they need to light their building. Indeed, the college decided to enter in a green logic and changed their incandescent light and replaced those by new LED lighting bulb.

The two members of the partnership will have advantage each other’s. Actually, the students will improve themselves; the university will be provided in new lights, and the manufacturer the opportunity to improve his product range and has competitive advantages.

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