Sunday, November 13, 2011

LED shipments will pass 500 Million Units in Asia Pacific in 10 years

With energy-efficient being expensive for most end users in Asia-pacific, their cost can be justified by the better performance and efficacy. There is growing demand in countries like Korea and Japan, other governments are promoting LED lighting, making initiatives that will serve as a key driver of the market in the coming decade. LED is now viewed as an affordable and efficient technology with long-term benefits. According to the latest reports, LED sales will grow rapidly, mainly after 2015 with unit shipments rising from 66 million in 2011 to 542 million in 2021, across 10 different lighting technology categories.

Japan and Taiwan have been early pioneers to develop energy efficient LEDs by launching several LED subsidy and support programs, meaning a greater reliance on LED lighting and material production and reduced focus on the traditional business of semiconductors. While in China, the potential for LEDs is enormous. The city of Shenzhen will replace more than 90% of public lighting applications, street lighting, and commercial spaces during the next 10 years.

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