Monday, November 21, 2011

The LED technology is always developing

The technology advance in the LED product is moving all the time. Since this new lighting solution has been found, the researchers did not stop to push toward the maximum the LED technology.
Thus, a group of researchers working of a big LED lights manufacturer have found a others way to illuminate by LED technology. The result of their researches is the dark red phosphor for LEDs. The material came about as a result of a material development method known as High Throughput Experimentation (THE), which allows the screening of large composition areas of complex material systems. This new material can be adapted for the LED technology application. Indeed, the LED light are used many domain, as the automotive, LCD screening and LCD backlights. For instance, the new Dark red luminescent material can be used for the car’s light.
This new product shows us that the LED technology has many resources for the future. Thanks to the researchers, the domain will be able to grow.

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