Tuesday, November 1, 2011

LED arrays selected to light the Sheraton Hotel at D-Cube in Seoul

1000 high quality high performance LED downlights will be installed at the new Sheraton Hotel at D-Cube City in Seoul. The LED arrays are specified to light various areas of the hotel including lobby, lounge, public gathering areas, banquet halls, and the indoor swimming pool and sauna. Incorporating the new LED lighting will reduce energy consumed by up to 63 percent compared to the typical use of halogen and compact fluorescent downlights in these areas of the hotel.

“We selected LED arrays as the light source for our luminaires because they deliver the high quality of light and product reliability demanded by the Sheraton Hotel’s rigorous lighting standards,” explained John Cho. “The arrays offer a high quality, highly cost-effective and easy to integrate solution while providing the beautiful, natural warm white light required for this high-end hotel environment.”

High quality, high performance LED light sources, enable lighting OEMs to develop an expanding portfolio of energy efficient lighting products to satisfy the power saving requirements without sacrificing the light quality required by the rapidly transforming lighting Industry and to support government-led programs such as the Korean Government’s “LED Lighting 2060 Plan,” announced in June to promote greater energy efficiency by increasing the use of LED lighting.
“The collaboration with the Sheraton organization is an outstanding example for any hotel looking to gain significant and immediate savings. Switching to LED lighting now offers not only energy savings and maintenance avoidance, but also delivers the quality of light demanded by even the top hotels in the industry.” said Jim Miller.

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