Wednesday, November 30, 2011

In China, Changzhi will become the industrial city of LED.

It’s in the city of Changzhi, situated in the south east of the Shanxi province, that China has decided to develop the LED industry in order to stimulate the city economy. Since years the city was originally based on the coal industry, but the city start to be too dependent of this industry and starts to have difficulties because of this situation. That’s why it was necessary to make a strategic choice and find new ways of development. The LED industry is one of these solutions.

The industry of LED is considerate like a major element to boost the economy of Changzhi. Moreover, it will be present in the city, the only full industrial chain of LED of the country. Thanks to the efforts done during two years, it’s a real industrial park for LED production that will be created.

The government planned to also build the world’s biggest base of sapphire and lighting installation upscale of the world.

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