Wednesday, November 9, 2011

China will phase-out incandescent lamps

China’s phase out plan of energy-inefficient incandescent lamps will begin in October 2012, as it has been announced on Nov. 4th, proceeding as follows:

• 100W and above – banned from October 1, 2012
• 60W and above – banned from October 1, 2014
• 15W and above – banned from October 1, 2016

This announcement shows China’s determination, as a major manufacturer and consumer of lighting products, in energy savings and emissions reduction efforts, and also its will to curb climate change. Its legislation comes in accordance with other countries and regions, with Europe’s incandescent phase-out affecting 60W-and-higher lamps as of September 2011, while the USA will start a nationwide ban on 100W-and-above incandescent from January 1, 2012.
As lighting represents 12% of China’s 2010 power consumption bill, the announcement will allow the country to save 48 billion of power per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 48 million tons annually.

Christophe Bahuet, deputy country director of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), says: "Phasing-out incandescent lamps in China will not only promote lighting technology progress and lighting industry upgrading and optimization, it will also make a positive contribution for realizing China's energy conservation and emission reduction goal."

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