Monday, December 5, 2011

What about the LED lights beam angle?

Today, with the new technology of LED lighting, you can find LED lights bulb with many different beam angles. Typically a narrow beam angle is a 'spot' of light and a broader beam angle 'floods' an area with light, called a flood light. In function of the type of lighting you want and the type of place you are going to light you should choose the sufficient degrees to light comfortably your home, office… For most domestic applications a beam angle in the 30 - 45 degree range will be fine given a ceiling height of around 2.4m.

The thinking about LED lights and their narrow angles beam is due to the older technology which was indeed focused in narrow area. Now customers can buy LED with so many angle beam that it can be confusing for them (15, 30, 40, 45, 60, and 90, to 120 degrees). And because LED lights are at the beginning an investment, it’s better to purchase the ones you need directly. Even if as everyone knows, thanks to their long lifespan and energy savings, these LED lights will be pay off in long term. Before buy your LED lights, you should ask advice to a lighting specialist before buy.


  1. Useful applications in the medical world, including pulse oximeters to measure oxygen saturation in the blood is also used led wall lights on their screens, as well as in the process of sterilization of water and type special light therapy used to treat acne.