Monday, December 12, 2011

The city of Brozeman joined the big US lighting project.

As many cities in USA, Brozeman is a part of the US government project. This big project consists on to give another image of the USA for the world. Indeed, the US citizens are something considered as big polluter and heavy energy consumers.

However, the US government decided to invest in a future technology to reduce his energy consumption. Thus, cities are helped by Washington to replace their old street lighting technology and replace it by the new efficient and economic LED technology. This new kind of lighting is more performing than the incandescent bulbs or the High Pressure Sodium lights (HPS). Indeed, the LED technology consumes less energy than the old light generation, and has a better and longer lifetime. Thus, cities, which use those new products, are able to make some significant reduction in their electricity consumption and save money from the energy bills.

So, Brozeman city will replace 12 of the 16 HPS lights in its streets. The mayor and his team budgeted the cost of the project as $8,800. The project will begin in January to February.

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