Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The situation of the LED technology nowadays

The LED lights are considerate like the new technology of lighting, that’s why there are always some researches and project in order to develop it. This work is focusing especially in the lights for domestic use. It had already been showed important promises about applications, included lights for the indoor and street lights.

We are now in a situation where the development of this technology is quickly than the adoption of the product by the market. Nowadays, with the ban of the incandescent bulb every year in more and more countries of the world, it had become a real challenge for the companies. In fact, all of them want to propose the LED product the most reliable with the most complete characteristic, and all of this at the best price.

The principal restraint is the price, indeed, the LED are more expensive than the traditional incandescent and even CFL. This difference is felt especially in these times of economic challenges. The good news is that the prices are decreasing and that now only 8 chips are necessary to obtain the same illumination we had with 42 in 2007. The price is the barrier which slows down the adoption of this technology by the market. But with the generalization of this lighting system the situation can only be improved.

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