Thursday, December 22, 2011

The LED has found its new engineers.

A science and technology company specializing in the field of LED has signed an agreement with a charitable non-profit, for resale of LEDs, Bulb model of the company. The association was created to help discover and launch new scientists, engineers, and experts in mathematics among young people in U.S. cities where the association is present.

The purpose of the agreement is to enable young people in college’s and high schools to sell light bulbs in their entourages LEB, neighbourhoods and homes. The sale of LED helps students; members of the association have to pay the registration fee to the great robotics competition that brings together all schools of the United States.

The company hopes, by this agreement, to develop its brand, its products, but also a chance for young minds to unleash their creativity and fighting spirit to win the awards, which may be, become creators of new LED lamps.

In addition to being a charity, the program is part of an environmental logic, since the lamps are sold lighting type LEDs that consume much less energy than incandescent lamps.

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