Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beam of light for the social responsibility in Mexico

At the beginning of December, the mayor of the government of the federal district Marcelo Ebrard Casaubon had inaugurated what is now an emblem of the city; the beam of light, “Haz de Luz” in Spanish. He said a speech for the occasion to explain that this monument of the revolution is a symbolization of the free thinking of Mexico.

For the lighting company taking part to the project, there are two important things, the environment and the social responsibility. That’s why, they accept to participate to this project intended to the people of Mexico City. In Puebla, another city of Mexico, the same company had installed a new system of street lights in order to save money and facilitate the maintenance.

About the lighting project “Haz de Luz”, is a light projected from the lantern of the monument to the sky and some other lights for the public projections. The emission of the light have a diameter of 1.20m at the base and raise until 300m, this light can be seen from 15 km of distance.

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