Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day of the incandescent lights are numbered

The lighting market lives an incredible new change. Indeed, the new LED technology wins more and more market share, thanks to the governments of the countries.

Thus, the lighting systems of the country are managed by the government’s decision. Actually, the World is in economic crisis and tries to find best ways to make economies in their budget. Thus, many countries changed, and are going to replace their old street lighting system in their cities. The old technology, like the incandescent lights or the HPS lights (High Pressure Sodium) has its days counted, because of the new LED lighting technology.

This new lighting way is more efficient and more respectful for the economy and for the impact on the environment. Indeed, the LED offers to its users the possibilities to save money on their budget, thanks to the LED light characteristics. The new lighting technology consumes less energy than the old one, and has a significative longer lifetime.

In a few time, the most cities in the world will shine, and light their streets with LED technology.

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