Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Dallas arboretum grounds illuminated with the LED technology.

The Nature gives us the most magnificent tableau that she can create for our eyes. Men try to rebuild those wonderful spectacles in gardens, and grounds, like in Dallas city, in USA.

The Dallas Arboretum grounds are engaged in a large eco-project. Indeed, the branch of directors decided to replace the old lighting technology by the new and efficient LED technology. The project is 2 acre, with a central rill, a pedestrian alley lined by threes. The manufacturer of the project will change the Mercury vapor lamps by the ultra-efficient PAR 30 LED Bulbs.

The project has an ecologic goal, because the LED lights consume less energy, they light with a better white light, which is like the sun light. Thus, the garden is magnificent by the day and will be beautiful as well by night. The lighting show will transport the visitor in another place during all the stay inside the garden and offer another and different aspect to the garden by night.

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