Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A LED manufacturer tests his own products on his parking

All the objects we buy follow the steps of a process. One of these steps is the part of product testing. In the vast majority of cases, these tests are carried out in laboratories, and companies or manufacturers themselves.

At Grandville, Canada, a manufacturer released their classic laboratory trails to be more convincing.

This manufacturer of LED lamps has decided to invest the parking lot of his company as a laboratory-scale test of its products. Reproducing streets, pedestrian crossings and parking spaces, the parking is transformed into a showroom after dark. Dozens of streetlights are installed in parallel with sodium lamps to high pressure, allowing a direct comparison of both systems, and demonstrating the effectiveness of new technologies.

Technicians, designers and customers like to test in real situations the lights of different temperatures. This system allows remote control of lighting and dimming of lighting groups from a single computer connected to wireless.

Which better arguments to promote his catalogue!

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