Thursday, December 8, 2011

Eco Lighting for a message of peace in Berlin

It s for the commemoration of 150 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Japan that a lighting team decided to manage a project of projection which will emitted a message for peace to all the world. Indeed, it’s in one of the most famous place of Berlin, the Brandenburg gate that the team has decided to share this message. Moreover, this is one of the first events which take in consideration the energy cost.

As people know Germany and Japan are two countries which had both bad memories about conflicts and accrue pain. This gate stays a sad symbol of the cold war. That’s why, to deliver this message, they were no more appropriate place.

To pass this message of peace, the team decided to show it on the gate in 48 officials’ languages. And more than a project for the respect of the human’s rights, it’s by solar energy that the gate is lighting on, favoring the eco-friendly movement in contrast with the big consummation of energy that could had been done if the lights were connected to the conventional electric line.

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