Monday, December 19, 2011

New school buses in USA with LED system

A campaign to renew the fleet for the transportation of American schoolchildren was proclaimed. The old bus combustion engines will soon retire after many years of loyal service. Buses 100% environmentally friendly will replace them because they are electric powered.

In addition to electric buses will be equipped with LED technology. Indeed, a manufacturer of LED was chosen to replace the entire light system buses. Thus, the LED will take the place of incandescent bulbs are on older model buses. This choice of luminaries is part of the environmental dynamics of this project. Indeed, the LED lighting offers brightness greater than the lamps of the old bus, for better reporting and improved safety for children, and less power hungry. These LED are designed to illuminate a period much greater than that of incandescent lamps, which is significant economically and ecologically.

Finally, the new LED lamps can be associated with a program broadcast message. Thus, motorists will be notified of any change of direction or that the driver is about to do, which will reduce the risk of collision or accident potential.

The operation of electric bus will begin in the state of Ohio, who will receive the first two buses completely green, and are consistent, "a green transportation for the youth."

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