Tuesday, December 6, 2011

LED lights, the good option for Christmas

The Christmas holidays are coming; many people are going to use Christmas Lights in order to decorate their house, Christmas tree, and even gardens… But not only are private houses going to be lighting on, most of cities want to have nice streets, bridges, and buildings! For this end of the year, LED lights are a good choice. Because LED lights are brighter than incandescent, they last longer, they offer energy efficiency and they are more environmentally friendly.

We can take the example of the city of San Antonio, USA. Thanks to a new installation of LED lights, the river of the city will shine this year twenty times brighter than last years. The city has decided to install over 1.7 million multi-colored lights to decorate the place throughout the River Walk.

This new installation will allow San Antonio to have green holidays, and allow people become more and more environmentally conscious.

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