Monday, December 5, 2011

LED technology is used by the SWAT.

The SWAT is the intervention task force in USA, like the GIGN in France, it operate is hold up scenarios, hostage-taking scenarios, and bank attack. The material they use is like the military one. Indeed, the SWAT men have machine guns, pistols, helmets, and shield to protect themselves again bullets. Recently, with the new lighting technology, the SWAT integrated flashlights in their equipment.

Thus, a manufacturer of flash lights, using the new LED technology, has design a Lighting product that help the men of the intervention task force to blind the «bad» men. The LED light is a shield lights affix to any ballistic and via industrial Velcro, riot or entry shield. The light emits up to 560 lumens (lm), feature a disorienting Turbo-Strobe for riot and crowd control scenarios.

Thanks to the LED flashlight fixed on their shield, the SWAT will be able to arrest bad people without a fire shot, and save maybe more than one life. The LED technology has found a new application to protect the population in cities.

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