Monday, December 26, 2011

Led lights for the 135 years old of the WVU’s iconic building

Students of the West Virginia University and members of the Morgantown community get together for the traditional ceremony of the Woodburn hall lighting. But this year was a little bit different because the iconic building complete 135 years and had been adorned by LED lights. This changing is taking part of a green initiative. A renovation project of 3.9 million of dollars had begun in 2010, in order to change the roof and other part of the historic building. About the new lighting, they choose LED lights because this system will allow having bulbs with a longer lifespan and thanks to that save energy and money usually used for the maintenance.

This lighting system for the Woodburn Hall is a reflection of the results obtains during the past year according to Beth Clements. This university is implicated in different charities, and during the ceremony were present for example some guest to represent the children’s hospital of WVU. Moreover, it had been announced that this lighting will change after the gold, blue and green use for the holiday season by with lights in the half of January. This building will keep light on even when the classes are going to start again.

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