Thursday, December 15, 2011

A scene of Kensington illuminated by LEDs

A company specializing in LED technology has given light to a scene of Kensington, Sydney, Australia. Indeed, a company carried out a major refurbishment of the lighting system of the Australian National Institute of Dramatic Art Theatre’s popular Kensington.

The purpose of the operation was to replace the 28 spots that lit 500W halogen complex. That the new LED technology that have been proposed by the company responsible for carrying out the work. The lights installed were specifically designed for this project; they are composed of 12 LED 10Watt RGBW, and allow an optimal mix of colours and the creation of white at different temperatures.

The head of the lighting project of the complex, Adrian Wright, says that the replacement of halogen lamps with LED lighting, has contributed to reducing the electricity bill of the theatre, with consumption 60% lower. In addition, LED s offer the ability to create different atmosphere due to the different colours that can be achieved, unlike the old lamps that lit up in monochrome. Finally, the company has assured Mr. Wright that the complex will make savings; in fact, LED s requires less maintenance than halogen.

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