Sunday, October 30, 2011

Singapore Industrial Park first to deploy LED street light

Shun Li Industrial Park is the first to implement High Power Modular Street Light to illuminate the streets in the industrial estate in Singapore. With the customers’ heavy reliance on ample around-the-clock outdoor lighting, the park made the decision to replace its aging high pressure sodium street lamps with a new HPMSL solution for better light and power efficiency, as well as in a reduction of time and money spent in maintenance.

The new lighting system provided greatly improved road visibility and offered over 50 percent in energy savings. “The difference between before and after the replacement of our old HPS street lighting is remarkable. We are very pleased with the performance of the HPMSL LED solution and the final end results,” said Mr. Nelson Ng, Chairman of the Shun Li Industrial Park Management Committee.

“HPMSL LED street light is a state-of-art street light lantern designed with the concept of flexibility, sustainability and maintainability. The modular LED light engine approach offers excellent flexibility fulfilling different street light classification requirements by varying the number of HPML light engine modules. This is suitable for all outdoor lighting applications. It also has excellent thermal management ensuring reasonable LED junction temperature for optimal operation. The LED light engine and driver within the HPMSL can be replaced easily without dismantling the whole fixture simplifying maintenance,” explained Steven Kwek.

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