Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Luxury LED Light Installation to Commemorate Titanic’s 100th Anniversary

The 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s infamous maiden voyage will take place on April 15th 2012, and while we’d like to commemorate it properly (rolling our eyes out over the sight of Leo’s frozen face descending into the water), resin artist and self-proclaimed “inspirationalist” Dodo Newman has a different idea. Newman has proposed to build a 70-meter long, 10-meter high resin aquarium with a replica of the famed vessel on top. The whole thing will be lit-up with LED strip lights, and will be adorned with jewelry from 50 high-end brands. The brands will showcase “their finest products under the water covered by sea life,” which will be highlighted using under cabinet LED lights. Rumors abound that the surface of the aquarium will be decked out in 300 kg of pure jewelry, diamonds and crystals. While we’re proud to see LED lights used in any application, this one’s a little extravagant. Maybe the point of heavily lighting all the sparkly things on this installation: the blinding effect will help viewers turn a blind eye to the social injustice that took place 100 years earlier.

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