Thursday, October 27, 2011

Click n’Light by HomeLights: The best solution to light up your garden

Do you have your own garden? Imaging that you can light up your own garden, by yourself without anyone’s help and show how amazing you are? Do you want a safe outdoor lighting solution for your family and pets?

Please come and meet us at the Hong Kong Lighting fair on Oct 27th-30th.
HomeLights will launch a product range for your garden lighting: Click n’Light. The best solution for your garden as it is totally safe for you and your family, with no risk of electric shock, as the cables and wires are water-proof.

Click n’Light can easily adapt to your needs, as main outdoor lighting or as modular decorative lighting. The whole system was designed for the cables and connectors to be easily plugged in and added, while giving a choice in power supply according to the amount required.
Come and see our innovative products at the Hong Kong Lighting Fair.

About HomeLights

Created in 2008, HomeLights Group is a global leader in LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting sources such as bulbs and spotlights. Headquartered in France, HomeLights has established subsidiaries in several countries in Europe. Its Nantes (France) and Shanghai (China) Research, Development & Production centers create ever more innovative and efficient lighting products in compliance with the new European and worldwide standards. HomeLights products are available in various large food and DIY stores in Europe, Asia and Americas.
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