Monday, October 31, 2011

LED Lights are Gaining popularity in India

Because of the affordable price and environment friendly feature, multi-color LED lights are popular with Indian customers.

Sources have shown that the demand for fancy LED lights has increased manifold in the past few years. In contrast, the demands for candles had reduced but these are still in the market. But the earthen lamps had almost vanished.

According to Dheeraj, shopowner at Ram Narain Bazaar, "The demand for LED lights had increased amazingly. Last year, we almost ran out of stock. This year, the demand is expected to reach to new heights."

According to the survey, people choose LEDs mainly based on these following reasons. The affordable price comes firstly. The designer LED bulbs are available at Rs 30 per piece, a set of four crystal balls for Rs 150 and Ganesh showpiece with LED lights ranges from Rs 150 to Rs 300.

Secondly, there are various forms to be chosen from. Among these, pipe light (Rs 30 per metre) and chip light (Rs 660 per five metres) are common and high in demand. Also huge star light (Rs 150), heart light (Rs 150), peacock wing (Rs 175), 'Swastik' (Rs 160) and 'Om' (Rs 150) (all LED lights) are the other items in demand.

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