Sunday, October 23, 2011

ROAM Helps Glendale Achieve Integrated, Efficient Street Lighting

The ROAM wireless outdoor street light monitoring and control system continues to provide excellent benefits to the City of Glendale, Arizona. The ROAM system combines photo-control technology with remote monitoring and control capabilities to help manage and maintain outdoor lighting networks. The City reports that the ROAM implementation has been used as part of its city-wide street light monitoring system since 2008, resulting in increased energy-efficiency and repair efficiencies and a dramatic reduction in street light outages.

"The ROAM system has made a huge difference in efficiency of operations. Its remote monitoring functionality allows us to identify a light outage before residents call it in. Since we know the exact location, our repair technician knows the correct light to work on. With ROAM’s diagnostic information, the technician also has the needed information to know which component likely needs replacement," said Mike Sills-Trausch, Street Lighting Program Manager for the City of Glendale. "Another critical benefit we received from ROAM is being able to establish accountability for new repairs and repairs that have been delayed for some reason. The reporting is so accurate, even small changes in repair service are noticeable by City staff," continued Sills-Trausch.

"We are pleased to provide the City of Glendale with an industry-leading outdoor control solution that lowers maintenance and energy costs while helping the City provide continued, sustainable, high-performance results for its citizens," said Terry Utterback, Vice President, Outdoor Controls.

The ROAM solution allows more efficiency and reliability, prolonging the life of an entire street light system. ROAM reports, via a web-based portal, the exact location of malfunctioning streetlights, including those that remain illuminated during the day, a problem called day-burning. With ROAM, day-burning lights can be quickly identified, isolated and repaired, eliminating energy waste. Fixtures not working during the expected nighttime hours can also be promptly repaired, enhancing illumination of public areas and reducing reliance on city residents to report these malfunctions. By capturing electrical data at each fixture, ROAM provides detailed energy consumption and tracking, while monitoring critical electric distribution system characteristics. The ROAM system's asset management capabilities permit information about each streetlight, including pole type and color, fixture type, wattage and lamp type, to be bar coded into handheld communication devices, allowing service crews to know in advance what repair materials to take to a site, improving efficiency and reducing restoration time.

The ROAM solution is being used successfully by several cities throughout the country, including College Station, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Austin, TX and Anderson, IN.

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