Thursday, October 13, 2011

LED lighting for co-op grocers on Adriatic Coast, Italy

Co-op grocery stores on the Adriatic Coast in Italy recently installed LED arrays. The 21-watt fixtures are 80 percent more energy efficient than the 80-110W halogen fixtures they are replacing, while also reducing the heat and eliminating UV radiation that accelerate food spoilage.
The arrays are designed to bring ultra-bright solid-state lighting to demanding applications such as retail, hospitality, museum and high-end architectural lighting. The project involved the one-to-one replacement of 80-110W halogen fixtures with LED arrays.

“Our mission was to refresh the design of the interior fresh food section of the co-op supermarkets. When we proposed to co-op a solid-state lighting solution, they discovered the technology offered significant design benefits in addition to dramatic improvements in energy efficiency. We believe that the decision to develop an LED-based lighting solution not only aligns with COOP’s environmental sustainability values, but also improves the environment and shopping experience in their stores,” said Ing Mingozzi, a consultant with Ricerca & Progetto design firm based in Bologna, Italy.

Goals of the project included reduced maintenance cost and longer service life associated with LED lighting, as well as an improved shopping experience due to improved light quality. The LED arrays feature a CRI of 97 with a 3-step color-control option for delivery of a full palette of colors over a wide range of light levels.

“We can design precision lighting effects and striking contrast ratios, enhancing the presentation of retail merchandise. The arrays now permit us to deliver the highest quality light, brilliantly
rendering colors and textures. These are the elements that allow us to present our shops and restaurants in living color.” says Giorgio Martini.

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