Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HomeLights will share its new patent at the 2011 Hong Kong Lighting Fair

HomeLights is going to unveil its new heat dissipation patent with an innovative idea, during the 2011 Hong Kong Lighting Fair, from Oct. 27th to Oct.30th.

Heat dissipation remains a key point in LED technology solutions. High temperature does not only shorten LED lifetime, but also decreases brightness and efficiency and alters the color.

In the past decade, engineers tried several ways to cool down LEDs. This year, HomeLights has developed a new way to dissipate heat with better thermal management. This new patent allows heat to be quickly transferred away from the base, which differs from incandescent bulb that eliminates heat through radiation (it is more of a mechanical issue).

Meet us at our booth, for a new LED technology experience.

About HomeLights

Created in 2008, HomeLights Group is a global leader in LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting sources such as bulbs and spotlights. Headquartered in France, HomeLights has established subsidiaries in several countries in Europe. Its Nantes (France) and Shanghai (China) Research, Development & Production centers create ever more innovative and efficient lighting products in compliance with the new European and worldwide standards. HomeLights products are available in various large food and DIY stores in Europe, Asia and Americas.
For more information about HomeLights, please visit our web site www.homelights.biz

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