Wednesday, October 12, 2011

LEDs lights up Villa stores with high-performance LED bulbs

The first of many retail locations operated by Villa, the urban-inspired apparel and footwear retailer, has been upgraded with high-performance and ultra-efficient LED bulbs. Traditional 75 watt PAR halogen bulbs at the company’s Toledo, Ohio, store have been replaced with 15 watt PAR LED bulbs. These LED bulbs are approximately 80% more efficient than the bulbs that they replace and boast approximately 50% more lumens (light output) than competing products on the market. Villa estimates that the lighting upgrade will pay for itself in less than two years—with energy and maintenance savings continuing to shave costs from the retail chain's bottom line.

“Villa has created a niche for itself in the highly competitive fashion industry by fusing a passion for style with an intrinsic motivation to be a socially and environmentally responsible retailer,” said Jared Sadlowski, Villa’s vice president of real estate and construction. “Just as Villa has revolutionized how urban retailers do business, LED lighting technology embodies the premise that sustainable products need not sacrifice quality. And so, beginning with our Toledo location and soon at every Villa location, high performance and ultra-efficient LED bulbs will make our clothing and footwear look great—brightening our customers’ shopping experience.”

Lighting accounts for 22% of the United States' electricity use and up to 60% of the power used in commercial buildings. By switching to long-lasting LED bulbs, each upgraded Villa store will see a significant reduction in energy usage, in addition to saving money on maintenance and cooling costs, as the company's bulbs have an expected lifespan of 50,000 hours and emit only trace amounts of heat unlike the halogen bulbs they replace.

"By advancing the science behind LED technology, LED products are a shining example of the innovation and possibility that arise when a commitment to quality fuses with formidable environmental stewardship—they are completely recyclable, extremely long-lasting and will significantly reduce businesses’ lighting energy bills,” said Jim Haworth. “Villa is now moving in right direction and other businesses can easily follow in their footsteps by installing LED lighting products.”

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