Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clip n’Slide by HomeLights New Lighting Solution

An innovative, flexible, easy to set up and secure lighting solution

By launching Clip n’Slide, HomeLights offers its customers a flexible LED lighting solutions combining functional and decorative lighting.
Clip n’ Slide is extremely simple to install and meets the customer demands by proposing “Plug & Play” solutions. No need to be a handyman or to have special tools, it can be fixed within 5 minutes, without modifying the electrical installation or altering the support. And you may use it as main lighting or modular decorative using the wide options range provided by us.
The aluminum slides are extremely thin, it will fit perfectly in multiple department store formats and aisles (Kitchen, Lighting, Interior Decoration, Storage & Dressing, Electrical & Home Automation).
We are proud to claim that Chip n’slide is a unique product on the market, and is protected by number of worldwide patents. The modular and evolutionary character of the Clip n’Slide guarantees a strong added value to the distributors and increased accessories sales.
Great life span
  • with over 15 000 , it has a lifespan 10 times longer than a halogen spot
Low heat generation
  • maximum 45°C, against over 100°C for a halogen spot
No harmful substances
  • Contains no gas, mercury or other harmful substances
Very low energy consumption
  • Uses 80% less energy compared to halogens
Instant lighting
  • The light diffused by Clip n’ Slide is available as soon as the light is turned on
  • LED technology is perfectly insensitive to repeated cycles of lighting on and off

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