Tuesday, October 25, 2011

HomeLights started shipping the first orders of ECO-line to customers

HomeLights offers a complete new range: the ECO-line. The products will cover most of the domestic lighting applications by fully replacing the old incandescent light bulbs, as well as other energy saving lamps. Our products are adapted to most uses with improved efficiency and reliability. The 13 new products of this range represent a budget friendly solution, by providing the end user with the highest brightness for price.

After 5 months of development and a complete trial order testing with HomeLights France, we are delighted to announce that we delivered the full range orders for the ECO-line in such a short period. Our customers eagerly anticipated this new range. At the same time, we will brin
g our distributors a new experience of convenient, economical and effective marketing tools to help them with sales.

As estimated, LED lighting will represent about 60%
of the total lighting market, and our teams will help our distributors and retailers to successfully enter the LED market.

About HomeLights

Created in 2008, HomeLights Group is a global leader in LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting sources such as bulbs and spotlights. Headquartered in France, HomeLights has established subsidiaries in several countries in Europe. Its Nantes (France) and Shanghai (China) Research, Development & Production centers create ever more innovative and efficient lighting products in compliance with the new European and worldwide standards. HomeLights products are available in various large food and DIY stores in Europe, Asia and Americas.
For more information about HomeLights, please visit our web site www.homelights.biz

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