Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sustainable development

It’s in June 1992, that the term "sustainable development" appears, it was the first "Earth Summit" which had been organized by the United Nation. On this summit 170 heads of state and government signed an action plan for the XXI Century: the Agenda 21 sets the goals.

Sustainable development is a term whose the most explicit definition remains is our ability to satisfy our needs without compromising those of future generations, this in globally of course.

This concept emerges from broad issues in all areas that affect the interaction of human societies in their environment: human development, environment and risks, economics, dependency and solidarity.

Sustainable development is an unavoidable alternative to our current development model that depletes natural resources, widening disparities of wealth and amputated the future of present and future generations. This is an unprecedented project for humanity: it is the future of our civilization on a planet whose resources are limited.

Sustainable development rests on three pillars: social, environmental and economic. This is part of HomeLights philosophy that’s why our products are environmental friendly, recyclable and they don’t contain mercury.

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