Monday, August 22, 2011

LED Candles – The New Lighting Sensation

Traditional candles as we know them might just be the next thing becoming out-dated and obsolete, as their manufacturers are now facing the competition of new flameless candles using LED technology.

LED candles have been present on the market for a few years, but have been booming only quite recently. With the recent developments, they even flicker like wax candles, making them hard to distinguish from a distance. And since they do not use fire, and are battery powered, they do not represent any danger. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs as normal candles and are available even in scented format.

“LED candles offer the same soothing and dim-light effect as real candles minus all the danger. In addition to offering you a fire-free, smoke-free, and danger-free lighting options, the LED candles are more pocket-friendly as one candle lasts a lifetime. You only need to replace its battery (which also lasts real long) from time to time”, says the president of a manufacturing company.

“With LED candles, you can light them and forget about it without worrying about any molten wax on furniture or wind that can blow it off. Moreover you get complete peace of mind knowing that the burning candles are completely safe and they will not burn your house. You get all the benefits and at a price much lesser than normal flammable candles. All this clearly explains the staggering growth in the sales of LED candles in the recent years” he added.

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