Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Outdoor LED Lighting: De Pere tests LEDs on bridge, LEDs light Ohio airport

The three-month trial of LEDs in De Pere, Wi is nearly done, and the city seems ready to move to LED projects for its lighting. De Pere has tested and replaced the lights on the south side of the bridge, and will develop further projects. Despite a high investment, theses LED project will allow the city to save money for other projects. Most of the replacements will take place in 2012.

The airport of Port Columbus, second busiest in Ohio, is reducing its energy consumption by 60%, replacing MH lights by LEDs. The replacement has already been done in the passenger drop-off area, arrival hall and baggage claim zone.

"We sought to install one-for-one replacements that would improve lighting performance and outlast the old HID system that was costly to maintain," said Paul Kennedy, Manager of Energy and Environment at Columbus Regional Airport Authority (CRAA). "All things considered, after realizing the short payback timeframe and energy and maintenance savings the decision was easy to make."

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