Sunday, August 28, 2011

New lights on Itchen Bridge

The Southampton’s iconic Itchen Bridge is since august 25th a little brighter. After debated decision, they decided that the bridge should have thanks to the new added LED's lights, a new shade pale blue.

LEDs came to replace the old lights in a project totaling over £1 million. Instead of streetlights, the bridge is now illuminated by 34 white LED-light columns.

Although, there has also been a controversy surrounding the installation of these new lights, even though city residents also initially supported the idea. Residents were worried about £100,000 taken bridge tolls to partially fund the project, however the estimate in energy savings with these new LEDs is expected to be about 20% which means £1,250 in energy savings for the authority.

City artists called for the drab grey bridge to be transformed into various different forms of color, light and moving art in a bid to rival the appeal of the Brooklyn Bridge in Manhattan, Humber Bridge in Hull and Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland.

The new LEDs are thought to have fulfilled exactly what officials wanted: a bridge that "looks good, saves money and is environmentally friendly."

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