Monday, January 2, 2012

LED lights equip Jackson Township.

A major change is driven to perform in the land of mass consumption, the United States. Indeed, a growing city begins on the path to the environment, replacing lamps and bulbs of their cities.

As many cities in USA, Jackson township council have approved a new project for the city. This project consists on the replacement of 900 streetlights in the city by the new technology LED. For many reasons, the project has been created. Firstly, it will help the city to save a significant sum of money. Secondly, the lamps used won’t have maintenance problems as the products equipped the streetlights. Lastly, the project is engaged in a green project to reduce the carbon impact on the earth. All those reasons are possible thanks to the new LED light technology. Indeed, the LED consumes less energy than the incandescent lights, so the electricity bill will be reduced. Then, the new lamps have an efficient better lifetime and need less maintenance inspection.

Thus, Jackson Township entered in a large ecological project launched by the US government to replace the streetlights towards the American cities.

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